Double Minnie Mouse Party

Cora was born on March 27, 2009. Exactly 1 year and 1 day later my niece, Haddie, was born! My sister and I decided that this year we would combine our efforts and funds and have a combined party for the girls. We did a Minnie Mouse theme, focusing on hot pink and black polka dots! We had a good time, the girls seemed to have fun and they got lots of great presents! I can’t believe Cora is 3 and Haddie is 2! Where has the time gone? A highlight of the party was that Great Grandma Marie was able to be there!!! Enjoy the photos!

Cora is 3!

Haddie is 2!

The cake and candles!

My sister made cookies for the kids to decorate. Funny enough, Riley, the only boy, did the best job!

C'mon! Give Aunt Jeni a smile!

Sue, Cora's "Mammaw," made the girls these dresses to go with the Minnie Mouse/polka dot theme! They were so cute and the girls were adorable!

The cousins! Cora (3), Riley (3 1/2), Haddie (2), Sophia (7), Ben (9 months)


2 thoughts on “Double Minnie Mouse Party

  1. We had so much fun at the party! My sweet granddaughters are so pretty! Just like their mommies! Jeni, I finally was able to read all your blogs that I missed. You are such a great writer. They are so good! love the pictures too!

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