Another Big Celebration!

Phew! I’m tellin’ ya! Just writing this week’s posts have tired me out! We have been busy, that’s for sure, but it’s been all for good stuff! On Saturday last week we had Cora and Haddie’s party in the morning, and than that evening we had a surprise party for my Grandma, who had turned 80 earlier in the month! We had a really great time, had invited all of our family, and I know Grandma felt well-celebrated! It was great to be able to celebrate her. We can’t remember the last time we celebrated her birthday with her!

This cake was DELICIOUS!!!! Chocolate with strawberry filling and chocolate icing! I cheated and ate most of a piece and paid for it for the next few days! But, it was so worth it!!

Grandma with her 5 great grandchildren

It started with Grandma, who had Dad, who had my sister and I, who had our children! What a good-lookin' family we are!

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