Buffalo Chicken Dip

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe and I thought this chicken dip would be the perfect thing to post! I have had this recipe for years, having copied it from a former coworker. I love this recipe because it’s EASY–the hardest part is shredding the chicken! I always get rave reviews from it and men, especially, like it! Word to the wise, though: it is addicting!!!!! 

8 oz. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

3 Chicken breasts, cooked, shredded

8 oz. Ranch dressing

8 oz. shredded Monterey Jack cheese

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

Mix all the ingredients, except chicken, in a large bowl until well blended. Add chicken, mix well. Place in 9 x 13 dish and bake at 350 for 35-40 min. Serve with tortilla chips! Be prepared for an empty dish!


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