Creativity Abounds!

My sister is a very creative person. She received a sewing machine a few years ago and has used it for many projects. We’ve been the recipients of some of those projects and we’re happy to receive! I always know she’ll be doing something creative for our kids for birthdays and Christmas (her kids are stuck receiving store-bought stuff from us!). This time was no exception for Cora! Cora received an adorable table tent–a tent that simply fits over the dining room table! Her Aunt Ruthie sewed it (making up how to do it based on a photo!) and mailed it to Cora. We got it last week and Cora has had a blast in her “house,” as she calls it! She loves it!!! I remember my mom making tents for us using blankets and the furniture, and my sister and I spending forever under them! Here is the handiwork and the little girl enjoying it!


Welcome to my house!


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