Her Song

My daughter is a creature of habit. When it comes to her we do not deviate from routine. It cracks me up because, quite frankly, she’s “doomed” as both David and I are creatures of habit. Bedtime is especially very habitual. I sit in her rocking chair, she sits on my lap and Daddy stands in front of us to read a Bible story. Then we all hold hands (mine on bottom, then Cora’s, then David’s) and I pray. David kisses her good night (1st round), and she and I rock while I sing 2 songs. Not just any ol’ 2 songs–the same, exact 2 songs. Every. single. night. I have tried deviating, and that has not gone well. It makes me chuckle, but honestly she won’t go to sleep otherwise. What are the 2 songs? We ALWAYS start with “Jesus, Jesus” and end with “The ABCs.”

To tell you the truth there are reasons for these 2 songs. I figured “The ABCs” was a good way to get the alphabet in her brain, and I think I’ve been singing it to her since she was a baby. As for “Jesus, Jesus,” well, that was always one my mom sang to us. Also, when Cora was a baby she was VERY fussy, had a lot of eating/stomach issues and we did a lot of pacing and singing to try to calm her. I’ve always been taught that the name of Jesus will help us with anything. I’ve heard countless stories of people using the name of Jesus to tame “savage” beasts. And, in my own experience when I have not known what else to pray, just saying the Lord’s name was always calming. One particularly frustrating moment with Cora, after singing myself hoarse I didn’t know what else to sing. I remember pleading with the Lord to bring my baby some relief and give me another song to sing to her. Instantly, “Jesus, Jesus” came to mind, I sang it and she was calmed. She stopped crying and she went to sleep. After that night this was the first song I would sing and it has always had such a calming effect on her that I didn’t deviate.

If you don’t know the song, I’ve put a video link below. It’s a beautiful song, simple to sing and full of promises. I know we sing the same songs every night, but I don’t care. There’s nothing more I want her to know then Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Her Song

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  2. Jeni, that was such a beautiful and very touching story. Cora will always want you to read it to her!

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