His Song

Ben has been a very easy-going baby, not fussy, has not required being walked and rocked and sung to for getting to sleep. I was feeling bad because it had been so different with Cora, and I was feeling like my son never needed to be comforted. I had not gotten into the habit of singing to him much (certainly not like with Cora) because it just didn’t seem he needed that kind of comfort. However, while he was in the hospital in November things changed. I was scared. My 5 month old was in the hospital, they didn’t know what was going on, he wasn’t breathing, etc. I was trying so hard not to panic and suddenly it came to me. His song. I knew he needed comforting, and I knew I needed to sing to him. And, I knew what song to sing. We had been singing a song at church as an opening chorus at the time, and it was one I had sung a lot as a child. I had also always loved this song and knew it was what I needed to sing to him. As I sang the song I felt great peace, and I noticed that Benjamin, also, started to calm down and rest. Throughout the whole time he was in the hospital, and then a month when we were back in the hospital, I sang this song. I have added a video of it at the bottom here. It’s a simple song, the words are not difficult. However, the meaning of it to me is far more involved. I hope that it will touch your heart as well!


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