Skinny Mentality

I’ve noticed through my current weight loss journey that while I SEE I’m losing weight (mainly because I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years) I’m having a hard time getting my mind to wrap around this. My mind seems to be having a hard time getting skinny. I’ve heard this happens but I just thought it was almost a myth, but no, it’s true. I can see the numbers getting less on the scale and my pant size shrinking, I when I look in the mirror there is still a disconnect between what my eyes see and my minds sees.

I have mentioned several times that this has become such a spiritual journey for me–living a more holistic life style. And, I suppose this is part of it. As my body becomes smaller I will need to also change my mentality and make sure my mind catches up. I will need to continue to see myself for what the Lord sees me–his precious creation. I suppose I need to tell myself to “think skinny!”


One thought on “Skinny Mentality

  1. I, too, am on a weight loss journey (42 lbs gone so far) and I am having the same problem. One thing that I found that helps is to look at pictures. I usually am behind the camera, and I didn’t actually take a before picture, but I have a very young grandson and have been making a point to have pictures of he and I together. That means, I have some pictures of me before the journey began. I have also been making a point to take pictures occasionally as I lose. The other day, I started comparing the pictures, and can really see a difference. I am not quite half way in my weight loss, but I can really see a difference in the pictures. It is helping me ‘think skinny’, even though I am not skinny yet, and am not sure I even want to be ‘skinny’. I just want to be healthy! Thanks for the encouraging words and the glimpses into your journey. You are not alone!

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