Finding the Ever-elusive Balance

Balance. We need it in life. I believe God wants us to live balanced lives. And yet, I find it hard, sometimes, to be balanced in every aspect of my life. One area I’m trying to find a good balance is that of living holistically. I feel I have reached a certain point with my holistic doctor, and I’m not sure where to go from here. I do know I need to have more chiropractic adjustments done, but as far as the other “stuff” I feel like I know what to do, am doing it and well, what now? David and I have had many conversations about it. What is the best use of our time, money, gas to drive to the doctor (30 min from our house). Have I gained everything I can at this point? Is there any point to keep going? Lots to think about, for sure.

I think we’ve come up with some kind of a plan…I am paid up for 2 more visits so will be going to those. After these 2 are done I think I’ll just be going back as I feel I need to. I am still taking a ton of supplements and so at this point I’m committing to prayer that my body will start rejecting them. I do not want to be subjected to taking a bunch of pills for the rest of my life. I’m diligently taking my daily doses in hopes this will bring my body to a point of health that I won’t need them any longer.

So, do I say all this because I’m disillusioned, or regret going this route? NO! Not one single bit!!! I have learned SO MUCH, and continue to do so. I have had my eyes opened to so much and feel that everything we’ve learned has not been wasted. I have learned what is hurting my body the most (wheat, corn, soy, commercial eggs) and how keeping those things out of my body has done wonders for me. However, I’m also learning that our holistic dr. is very extreme–the man only eats meat and veggies. I, we, are not willing to be that extreme. I’m OK finding recipes that are wheat/soy/corn free so I can eat them! I believe God gave us fruit, grain, etc. to enjoy and to eat. All in moderation, all in balance.

I know this is only the beginning to living holistically. David and I are still figuring it all out and finding what works for our family. We want to live balanced with our diet, etc. We don’t want to negate the things the Lord has given us to live on. And so, with that, we continue on, living as holistically–and balanced–as possible!

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