Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last week David was called by one of the men in our small group asking if David and Cora would like to join him and Keaton to a baseball game? Both dads are HUGE baseball fans and are indoctrinating their children early! We were SO EXCITED for Cora to get to go to her very first baseball game. She was too, although I’m not sure she really understood other than Keaton, one of her best friends, was going to be there! Apparently, she and Keaton talked the entire way to the stadium and had a great time at the game. There was a bit of a misunderstanding when Cora thought she was going to get to play on the field and not just watch (I have to agree that I would find it way more fun to get to do the playing than the watching…). But, I think with the eating of snacks from home, hotdogs and ice cream all ended well! And, truth be told, I do believe the dads had a marvelous time too!

3 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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