New Everything

I have been struggling for the past few months with my new eating. I mean, I miss cake, cookies (even though I’ve never been much of a cookie eater), cereal, donuts, bagels, a piece of bread. I have fallen to temptation many times and have paid for it (I won’t go into the details of that!). It’s been hard. I feel like everything I’ve known about food and eating is being tossed out the window, and I’m left eating celery sticks and water for the rest of my life. How ridiculous! That just isn’t the case. I just can’t have anything that has any form of wheat, soy or corn in it! That’s not too hard, right?

I was reminded that I had wanted to use this year as a year of figuring out how to have treats that wouldn’t make me sick. I forgot that I wanted to explore using different kinds of flour (like rice), eating different grains (like quinoa) and just looking at food differently. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve joined Pintrest, and I have found it to be a huge source of ideas! I’ve been pinning all sorts of stuff and am thankful for those who have gone before me and are finding ways to make things–pancakes, cookies and cake–that are wheat, corn and soy free. I’ve tried a few different recipes and so far have really enjoyed what I’ve tried.

I hope I’m getting out of my slump. I don’t like being here and would really like to keep moving on with my new diet and way of life. What are some new recipes you’ve been using lately?

One thought on “New Everything

  1. I haven’t yet explored it, but will be soon when I can start eating grains again… Quinoa that is! A lot of my friends love it. We can explore it together. 🙂

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