Lunch Goodness

Lunch has become the biggest struggle for me as far as eating. I’m so used to eating sandwiches that I have, since October, found myself wondering what on earth should I be eating? I mean, I can only eat so many breadless “sandwiches.” However, this past week I stumbled across something that is DElicious! I have no name for it because I made it up, and I’m not clever enough to give it a name. I’ll tell you what it includes and you can give it the name you want! 🙂 Let me just tell you, this is TASTY and surprisingly filling.

1 avocado

1 small can tuna, drained

craisins, cheese, nuts, whatever!!!!!

Mix it all together in a bowl and eat with a fork! It’s that simple! No need for mayo or mustard–the avocado gets it all really creamy. The hardest part is mixing and having to wait to eat it. I also add salt and pepper, and I really think you could add all sorts of other spices. I truly believe this dish is only as good as you allow it to be! So, ENJOY! And, you’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “Lunch Goodness

  1. I eat this pretty much every day for lunch at work, except I put the avacado and tuna in a piece or two of romaine lettuce as a wrap. I love the “crunch” it gives it, and it tastes oh so good!

  2. Mmmmm…I love this combo too! We used to mix tuna with avocado when I lived in mexico. We would season with salt and pepper, squeeze on some lemon juice and then we would eat it on crackers, but out of the bowl happened to! 🙂

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