Camping with Friends

Over the weekend (Sunday afternoon and Monday, really) we went camping with the other 2 families in our small group. I’ve mentioned these dear friends before–they are both pastor families in our community. Between the 3 families there are 7 kids ranging in age from 7 to 11 months! We have 3 boys and 4 girls! It was a weekend of firsts for Cora–first time CAMPING, first time sleeping in a TENT, first FISH caught, first time using an OUTHOUSE, and first time eating S’MORES! It was so much fun watching her run around like crazy with her friends! It brings happiness and joy to this momma’s heart to see her little girl have a joyous time! It was also a first time for me to go tent-camping and obviously it was all new for Ben too!

The campground is owned by the church of one of the other 2 couples. It’s gorgeous land! They’ve done a great job making a really nice picnic pavilion, fire pit, BBQ place and outhouses. The lawn is mowed regularly, there are great trees everywhere to provide nice shade, and even a pond to enjoy! We were the first to arrive and as we were waiting for the other 2 families we endured a HUGE storm of POURING rain! I was none to happy about this because I didn’t know what this would mean for the rest of our trip. However, the rain cleared up, the sun returned and everything dried up nicely. The men set up the tents, the women got the food stuff set up and the the sleeping gear unpacked. We were done eating supper and s’mores and were letting the kids play when we started hearing more rumbles. All of a sudden a HUGE lightening bolt and immediate thunder hit, and the rains came again! (During this huge lightening/thunder poor Cora was out in the middle of the grass all alone and was TERRIFIED! Apparently, I ran very fast to get her and she clung to me for quite some time. I was so sad for her!!!!) It rained HARD for another long time. David and I realized our tent was getting quite wet INSIDE, and when the rain finally stopped our sheets were wet, the floor was wet, Ben’s bed was getting dripped on, and I had to move Cora’s sleeping gear so it wouldn’t get wet. We went from sweltering heat to it being kinda chilly. We were finally able to get the kids to bed (Ben fell asleep somewhere around 11), the men played a game, and the ladies talked!

We had a great time, although I rest my case that I’m just not that in to camping. It was fun to be with friends, to laugh, chat and relax. It was fun to see the kids having so much fun and watch Cora experience so many things. But, I’m good until next year for camping (much to my husband’s dismay, I’m sure!). We shall see…Enjoy the photos!

Ben was relegated to a blanket, stroller or someone’s arms the whole time. He’ll enjoy running around next year!

The camp has a golf cart which was by far the favorite source of activity for the kids! Who wold have thought!

We made s’mores. Cora loved roasting the marshmallow and assembling the s’more. She did not, however, want to EAT it! She preferred raw marshmallows instead.

Cora and Madi

We spent a lot of time doing bubbles with the kids. Though they preferred to chase them!

Kids watching the fish in the pond–Madi, Cora, Hannah, Braden

Cora’s first fish! She was horrified of it! But, I took photos anyway! She’ll want to see them later in life…

Nan, Kari and I pumped water to fill up the pool. The kids were grateful and it was a great way to cool off in the heat!

Ben didn’t so much like the cold water of the pool! He preferred to watch from a distance.

My two handsome men!


3 thoughts on “Camping with Friends

  1. I can relate to your mixed reviews! When we tent camped in LA it was so fun most of the time, mixed in with sheer misery (I.e. sleeping on the ground in freezing temps- not fun!). Jamie and I want to get a pop up camper. I think I could deal with that- better yet? A cabin! Who would’ve thought these two girls grew up in the wilds of Africa? 😉

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