Almond Butter

UPDATE: My husband can eat this almond butter with NO issues! YEAH!! And, it’s not given me any issues either!!!

I have realized, through trial and error, that peanut butter is really bothering me–horrid indigestion/heart burn and itchy mouth, throat and ears! Since David is allergic to peanuts (and most other nuts), and I’ve been wanting to try it, I decided to give almond butter a try! However, I know it’s pretty expensive so I made my own! I went to Pintrest to see what I could find, and I found a neat blog that has a recipe for almond butter, almond meal and almond milk. I’ll look at the others later, but her recipe for almond butter was easy enough!

I bought (2) 16 oz bags of whole, raw almonds (because I didn’t know how much butter I’d get from the whole nuts). Each bag was $2ish dollars, definitely less than $3! I found that (1) 16 oz bag makes about (1) 16 oz jar of butter. Here’s what I did:

I roasted the almonds on a cookie sheet for 15 min at 350 degrees F. Put in food processor with salt (I didn’t add nearly enough, I’ll do about 1/2-1 tsp next time) and blend until it’s smooth-ish. This took me about 5 min. She said to do it for 15 min, but when I went to look at it around 5 min it was plenty smooth for me. She also says you can add a little coconut oil to make it creamy, but I didn’t as I like a little texture to my nut butters!

So, there you have it! Not hard, at all, and it’s quite tasty! Added to that, I’m not having  any adverse affects from it. Also, almonds are really good for you and lots of health benefits! So, enjoy!!!! Oh, and I keep mine in the fridge!


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