My sister shared a brilliant idea with me a while back, and we have finally acted on it! Rather than putting sand in the sand box we have put pebbles (pea gravel) in it! The kids have been playing for hours in that thing!!! I don’t know why the pebbles are so much more fun, but they seem to be. AND! You don’t have to deal with sand getting into the house! So much easier to keep them clean! So, I pass on this brilliant idea, that was given to me, so you too can provide endless hours of fun for YOUR kids! Oh, you can get 50 lb bags of the pea gravel at Lowes (and I’m sure Home Depot too) for about $3.24 a bag. We put 3 bags in our box.

I have not seen her so excited to play with something outside!

And yes, Ben like to eat the pebbles. And no, I didn’t let him eat them because though I don’t think he’d choke on them, I just don’t think it’s good for him to eat ROCKS!


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