Seeing RED!

I love red. It’s my absolute favorite color and has been for as long as I can remember. For years I’ve wanted to have at least ONE room painted red, but we have not really had the opportunity until moving into our OWN home. Our living and dining rooms have a nice chair rail and the rooms are pretty much connected so I thought it would look nice to have the bottom portion of the walls painted red, leaving the top a dark tan (which will be painted at a later time). We also decided to do 1 of the walls in the dining room all red, as an accent wall, if you will! My dad is a wonderful painter and has been offering his services to get this project done. In January, he did the living room and just this past weekend and week he had time to get the dining room finished! It looks so pretty, and I’m so thankful for my dad to do this for us! We have a lot more painting to do in the house (we’ve done nothing because it was all freshly painted neutral colors when we moved in), and I’m excited to put our “stamp” on the house! For now, I’m enjoying my RED walls!

The accent wall


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