Celebrating at the Zoo

Ben turned one last week, as you know, and we didn’t want to have the day pass without doing anything. So, we decided to go to the zoo as a family! It was HOT, which means the animals weren’t really interested in being seen, but we still managed to see some elephants, flamingoes (which Cora informed us she doesn’t like), the head of a lion (he was so tucked into the shade we only saw the top of his mane!), some monkeys, giraffes, rhinos (and I learned these are my husband’s favorite! Who knew?), as well as various birds. We also went to the rainforest at the zoo and saw all sorts of other things! We had a good time, sweated a ton, drank a bunch of water, were slathered in sun screen and came home hot and sticky! Ah, memories! I had 2 cupcakes left from Ben’s party so I stuck a candle in one for him and gave the other to Cora, and they had a mini party. I hope he feels well-celebrated–as though he really has a clue, right? He had his one-year appointment last week on Friday. He continues to grow and is now 30 in long and 24 lbs., 11 oz! Can’t believe we now have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old!

Thankful for our wagon with shade!

David bravely touching the snake! He hates snakes, but how could he refuse when I said, “Hey Cora! You want Daddy to pet the snake?” (insert evil laugh!)

For some reason this photo cracks me up!

I love this one! They look so much alike!

“Mom! We don’t have time for photos! There are elephants behind us!”

My babies, whom I love so much!

She thought it great fun that she’s no where near as tall as a newborn giraffe!

The rhino! It was the most active animal we saw!

So, there was this statue of this orangutang outside of the rainforest. I thought it would be a GREAT photo op for the kids. Cora flat refused to even get out of the wagon, and as you can see, Ben was not too impressed either. Again, the things we do to our children for the sake of a photo!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating at the Zoo

  1. That last picture cracks me up so much. And that trick you played with David and the snake, dirty dirty trick. Did he make you pet a tarantula? 🙂

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