Another First

Last week, Cora participated in her very first vacation Bible school! Our church doesn’t do one, and so we signed her up to participate at the church up the street from us! We are good friends with the pastor and his wife, as well as the executive pastor, his wife and their kids (they’re in our small group!). I volunteered to help out with Cora’s class and wow! I thought 1 three year old was a hand full! Her class was mostly 3 year olds, but there were some 4s mixed in too (and we learned on the last day one of the little boys was only 2!!!). It was a fun week! I loved watching Cora interact with kids her age, do crafts, sing songs (which she said every day was her favorite part!), play games, and learn the Bible stories. It was so sweet to hear her chatter about it as we walked home each day. I have to say though, with much laughter, the one thing I hear her repeating the most is not the songs, or the Bible verses they learned. No, it’s the rhyme, “5 little monkeys jumpin’ on the bed…” Oh well! As my mom says, “Well, God created monkeys!” Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos, but she was so darn cute I wish I had!

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