Boys vs. Girls

I have a son and a daughter. I am amazed daily how different they are. I mean, maybe it’s because they’re both individuals, and if they were the same sex they’d still be totally different. But, I do know that MY boy is so much more adventurous than MY girl. I am having to learn not to gasp and panic every time my boy does something. I’m not an adventurous person, so it’s hard for me to let my boy be so. My girl was so good about sitting still in her stroller, the wagon, wherever. She would sit calmly reading books, or playing quietly with a particular toy. My boy? Oh, he is now standing in the wagon, up on the seat with the most pleased look on his face! He recently dumped himself over in the stroller trying to get out. And toys? Well, he has become our resident King Kong! His new favorite thing to do is push his sister’s kitchen set across the living room floor. If there are dishes or food in the kitchen he shakes the whole thing until everything comes tumbling out. Oy. God give me strength and a strong heart to be a mom to this boy you have blessed me with!


His “reward” for trying to get out of his stroller.


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