With Renewed Motivation

I have been feeling blah about the whole holistic experience and have been feeling discouraged about it. I have let my diet slip, eating way too much chocolate, and feeling all the worse as I do. I found potato chips I could eat (not usually a huge chip fan) and ate too many of those. My body plateaued, and I wasn’t losing weight like I had been. I was feeling discouraged and ready to throw in the towel. However, I couldn’t help but remember how GREAT I had felt when I was following my new diet (basically the Paleo way of eating) and didn’t want to go back to feeling horrible all the time. And so, I have pulled myself out of the discouragement and have renewed motivation. My body is back to going DOWN the hill of weight loss, and I have gotten back to eating only meat, fruit and veggies. At one of my last appointments we discovered I need to add oats to the grains I can’t eat and also dairy. Sigh…yes, that really cuts out a lot of things (ICE CREAM!!!!!) that I can’t eat, but after cutting dairy out totally and not falling back on oats (which I was doing since I can’t have wheat) I am feeling so much better!!!!!! And so, with renewed motivation and gusto I move ahead and try to complete the process of switching to eating a whole different way. Again, this has not been an easy journey, but when I look at where I’ve come since October, wow. It’s amazing! I’m thanking the Lord for helping me get back on track and continue on this path of health and change.


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