A Family Together

Two weekends ago we traveled down to the city my sister and her crew live and had an early July 4th celebration. We had so much fun! My mom and I helped by bringing food and we had grilled bison burgers, grilled veggies, refreshing fruit salad and grainless, YUMMY brownies! The kids, of course, had a ton of fun. I love how these cousins all LOVE each other so much. They bicker and fight like siblings and love each other just as fiercely. My sister filled up their kiddie pool and the 4 older ones played in that, trying to beat the heat. The adults visited and did their best to stay cool too! We had a great time, and I was reminded, again, just how much I love and appreciate my family.

My niece, Haddie, loves her some chocolate! A girl after my own heart to be sure!

My sister put soap in the pool so the kids got clean and cooled down all at the same time! Clever, that one!

My beautiful niece, Sophia. Can’t believe she’s closer to being 8 than not…where has THAT time gone???

How many kids can you get around an ipad?

All of us, including the dog!

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