How do YOU get Your Veggies?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how expensive food is. It would be easier to accept if we didn’t have to eat, but since we do, it’s very hard to plunk down so much money for food. We are, as you know, trying to eat healthier (focusing on meat, fruits and veggies and staying away from processed foods, grains, etc), and wouldn’t you know the healthy food is what’s so expensive? Drives. Me. Crazy. This is just one of the reasons we pray about moving out to farm land and homesteading. But, that is not the Lord’s will right now, so we must make do with what we have. We live on a pretty strict budget, and it seems we are constantly trying to adjust the food part of it to be smaller, but it refuses.

In any case, through all of our trying to be better stewards of our money and eating healthy, we have joined a CSA, or community supported agriculture, group. What is this? Well, in a nutshell it’s a group of farmers who have agreed to sell their produce at a reasonable price to the local community. Everything is locally grown and locally purchased. There are CSA sites all over the area and we go to the one that is at the church of our pastor friends. For $28 a week we get a HUGE load of veggies. So big I am often scrambling to figure out how we can eat it all before the next week. They write on a board how much of each item you’re allowed to pick up. Every week there’s been something “fun”–a small bottle of maple syrup, fresh preserves, a bag of popcorn, things like that. We have no idea what the selection will be, and it’s been fun to try different things (like kolrabi) and learn how to cook these different veggies. There’s alos a “swap table.” If you really don’t want one of the items you can go to the swap table, leave 1 item and pick up 1 item you’d rather have. Not only are we supporting the local farmers, we are eating organically and locally, and these veggies are better for us as they haven’t traveled long distance to get to us (did you know that as soon as a fruit/veggie is picked it starts to loose it’s vitamins/minerals?). We have greatly enjoyed being a part of this CSA, and I would encourage you to look into it in your area. I’m sure it’s not specific to where we live.


One thought on “How do YOU get Your Veggies?

  1. How cool Jeni! We get a CSA box out here in LA, too. It’s delivered right to our door, which is really nice! It’s fun trying to figure out how to prepare/eat new veggies (just made a good bok choy recipe!) 🙂 Your CSA experience sounds really fun, I like the “fun” item and the swap table!!!

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