Her ‘Cation

Last week we were on vacation (or as Cora said, “her ‘cation”). We went to the south/central part of our state to a huge hiking/hilly/cabin-laden area that is just gorgeous! We had fun, stayed in a great, little A-frame cabin (complete with our own hot tub!), swam in the pool (Cora and Ben’s first time in a “real” pool!!), played on the play ground, grilled hamburgers and steaks, ate some nasty, horrible ice cream and didn’t get any sleep (that’s what happens when you travel with children)! We were there for 2 nights and then made our way home, stopping at my mom-in-law’s house for a night. We got better sleep that night, but were glad to all be back in our own beds! We finished the week at home, celebrated my dad and uncle’s 60th birthdays (more on that later in the week), did some gardening and laundry. We also visited our friend’s church on Sunday. It was a good week, a time of much-needed refreshment and time away from the usual stuff of the week. Enjoy some of my favorite photos!!!

I’m standing on our back porch. The woods were RIGHT there. It’s as though a section just big enough for the A-frame was carved out. So pretty…

Molly enjoying the wilderness!

Cora getting braver and braver! She climbed this thing to the top!

He loved this chipmunk thing (on a giant spring)

She also loved this chipmunk thing. There were 2 and we named them Chip and Dale, naturally!

Cora learned how to float! Her Daddy is such a good teacher! She also loved jumping in from the side into her daddy’s arms and being able to (barely) touch in the shallow end! I think we have a fish on our hands!

Ben also LOVED the pool! He so badly wanted to just swim off on his own. In due time he too will be a little fish!

He climbed up here all on his own and was so proud of himself!

I love this photo…so much love here

Eating the nasty, horrible ice cream. Cora says to us, “Mommy, this ice cream is not good. I don’t want any more.” We made it up by getting Graeter’s at Ma-ma’s house the next day!



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