Birthday Bash

Over last weekend we had a great time celebrating my uncle and Dad’s 60th birthdays! Saturday we had a big family party at a local park. We grilled chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks for the birthday boys! I made a yellow cake with chocolate icing for my dad and a pineapple upside down cake for my uncle (their favorites). It was great to all be together and we had a fantastic time! This park has a really awesome playground and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing on that! (I managed to forget my camera on both Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll have to deal with the iPhone photos!)

Blowing out their candles!

With their grandkids!

On Sunday, my sister and her crew as well as us went down to my parent’s house for lunch and the afternoon. Sunday was Dad’s actual birthday. Again, lots of fun and the kids had a great time playing in the blow-up pool (doing “cannon balls”). I love my family and love that we can all be together and just have a plain ol’ good time. Next on the birthday train is my nephew, who will be FOUR! Phew! How did that happen?

Having fun in his Ben-sized pool while the older kids played like nuts in the bigger pool!

I’m not sure what Cora was contemplating here…

Happy Birthday Dad!

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