The Skinny on Supplements and Vitamins

Since October we (especially me) have been taking a bunch of supplements. At one time I was taking about 12 different kinds, with several of each kind a few times a day. Though I have scaled back significantly as of late I have to say that I know those supplements aided in my healing process. Some I’ve been able to stop taking because my body didn’t need them any longer and was “rejecting” them. Now that I’ve been on them for about a year now I have been able to tell which ones are helping me the most and so talked to my holistic doctor about scaling myself down to the most important 5. You might be wondering why these supplements are the best. Why not just take whatever I can find at the grocery store, or local drug store? I’m so glad you asked! Below is something my holistic doctor sent out the other day. I feel he words it the best, and so I’ll just copy it! Obviously, he sells one brand in his office, but I know there are other brands available. Making sure you see “whole food vitamin” is key.

Did you know…Billions are being spent annually on nutritional supplements, and most of the purchasers, wholesalers and retailers do not know the difference between a synthetic vitamin vs. a truly natural vitamin.

What is the difference: In short, it’s the difference between something that’s living and something that’s dead.  That’s a big difference!

Natural Whole Food Vitamins: On vitamin labels the word “natural” has no specific definition other than that the substance exists somewhere on the planet or in outer space.  Do not go by this word when choosing a supplement.

The key words to look for are “Whole Food Vitamins” — this means vitamins as they are found in food, untampered with in any way that would change their molecular structure, their biological or biochemical combination, or their actions. 

Vitamins in their natural state always exist as living complexes with specific co-factors, enzymes, phytonutrients and organic minerals, and never as isolated single factors… A vitamin needs all of its synergists to function!!

At Holistic Visionary, we give our patients Standard Process, the highest quality whole-food supplement line on the market today.  It is only distributed by licensed healthcare practitioners and not sold in stores.  For 80 years Standard Process has been producing nutritional supplements by growing crops on certified organic farmland and using exemplary quality control standards!


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