Last week, while David was doing a class for his doctorate, we headed down to the city that my MIL, sister and crew live. We spent Wednesday with my sister, BIL and their 3 kids! We had a great time! As always, the kids had a marvelous time playing together, arguing together, and just being together. I LOVE that our kids get along and are not only cousins but friends too.

Funny story: Cora and Riley were sitting on the couch and Cora says, “Riley! I love you sooooo much! You’re my best friend!” She finishes with a hug. He looks at her and in his “deep,” boy voice says, “You better stop that right now!” We found it so hilarious! I wish you could HEAR Riley’s voice saying it, but trust me, it was FUNNY!

My handsome nephew! Can’t believe this guy will be 4 later this month!!!

Hadassah! This girl says more with her eyes than with words! She is so hilarious, smiley and really showing her personality! I love getting to know her more every time we go visit!

Sophia doing a great job using the water balloon tosser!

My beautiful girl…need I say more?

Oh yes. I turned around to see Ben at the top of the slide. What did I do? Took a picture, of course! Wouldn’t you?

I can’t believe she is almost 8! She is so beautiful, and WET from getting hit by a water balloon compliments of her DAD!!

Haddie pushing Ben around in a “car.” He was even making car noises!

The inseparable buddies!

The whole crazy crew! I love Ben’s expression!!

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