A Hellish Night

Do you travel with your young kids? Do you LIKE traveling with your young kids? We have a 3 1/2 yr old and a 14 month old. We do NOT like traveling with them. They fuss, scream and cry in the car (no matter how many cool snacks, videos, books, toys I give them to use/eat/watch). They don’t like to sleep in beds that aren’t theirs and well, we just don’t find it fun at all. However, sometimes you just have to travel. This past weekend was one of those times. We went down to the big city where my sister and MIL live to celebrate my nephew’s 4th b-day (more on that tomorrow). My husband’s grandparents and aunt were also visiting so we thought we’d see everyone at the same time. We needed to stay in a hotel Friday night, and we thought the best solution to that would be to get a “room” that was a suite–with the queen bed in a separate room from the pull-out couch. Thus begins our adventure…

I found a hotel that said they had suites (I even called to make sure). This hotel also offered portable cribs (read: pack-n-play) so we didn’t take ours with us–bad mistake…We get to the hotel, after dinner with family (the children are VERY tired), and get the key to our room. We walk in and our SUITE is literally a queen bed with a couch right next to it. NOT a suite, sorry, it just is NOT. Especially when I had CALLED to make sure! We had forgotten to get the pack-n-play so David goes to back to the front desk to get it. I find a cartoon for the kids to watch so I can start unpacking and settling in. (Oh, on our way to our “suite” David finds a woman’s stolen wallet. Great…) On David’s way back to our room he is stopped by a wandering teenager who asks in a slightly delirious voice, “Can I help you? What room are you staying in?” This is not HELPing!!!! He gets back, and we realize this just isn’t going to work. David (and I) didn’t feel at all comfortable staying there. I end up calling the front desk to ask if they have any ACTUAL suites, and I’m informed that yes, they do! Oh! YEAH! But, it’s the penthouse. Seriously?????? In any case, we end up leaving and find a different hotel.

THIS hotel is slightly better (the other one was creepy, dirty and just ICK!). I made sure my and their understanding of a suite was the same, and yes, they do have one. We get the kids unloaded, and I start the unpacking process again. Oh, and remember we now have NO bed for Ben, as we didn’t bring our pack-n-play and this new hotel only has 2, which were currently being used. The kids get to bed (we made a make-shift bed for Bed and block him in as much as possible), and I left for some ice cream. When I get back David and Ben are sitting in our room. Oh boy. Apparently, Ben had been screaming the entire time I was gone, made enough of a racket that someone alerted the front desk (apparently) and the front desk called to ask if everything was OK! NO EVERYTHING IS NOT OK!!!!!!!! Our child won’t sleep! We tried EVERYTHING–bath, rocking, spanking, soothing music on ipod, letting him cry/scream. Nothing worked. He finally fell asleep at 1:00 a.m. Not sure how, but he did. We were just thankful (as I’m sure the rest of the hotel was). We slept a blissful 5 hours and began our day at 6!

We hate traveling with our children…have I mentioned that already?


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