Fun with Ma-ma!

Last week we spent most of the week with my MIL and her husband down in the big city where they live. We had a good time, and the kids did really well with sleeping and such (usually they’re HORRIBLE about not sleeping in their own beds…do you remember this post I wrote not too long ago?). Since my sister and her family live in the same city I was able to go spend time with my nieces and nephew while my sister went to a doctor appointment. We had a good old time together–I’ll write more about that later! Anyway, David still had to work on church stuff and also doctorate papers so my MIL, kids, and I did stuff together. We went to a park, played in the kiddie pool at the house and just had fun being together! On Saturday we joined David’s step sister, her fiance, and other family for a picnic. They’re getting married in December and wanted a chance for all of us to meet and get to know each other a bit. Our trip was fun, but we’re glad to be home! I think we’ll be staying put for a while now…

It seems Ben LOVES slides! He could spend hours walking up and sliding down them if I let him!

This summer Cora has become a lot more brave with climbing on playground apparatus. I’m so proud of her!

This photo cracks me up! I thought it would be cute for them to go down the slide together, but it ended up that Ben was being strangled all the way down!

Ben wants to do everything Cora does!

The kids with Ma-ma

Trying out the tire swing! Ben wanted to go high, Cora not so much.

I love these two!


Yep. Sisterly love!

My two water babies!










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