Being an Aunt

I love being an aunt. When my niece, Sophia, was born I was single and kid-free, and any extra money I had went to her. I bought her clothes and other such do-dads. I LOVED being an aunt! I got married, my sister had our nephew, Riley, then Cora was born, then Haddie, my other niece, and then Ben. It’s been a whirlwind, and I often feel like I don’t get to be just “Aunt Jeni.” When we’re all together we’re ALL together–my kids, their kids, etc. My sister and I help each other when we’re together, but I have to say, I have missed (to some extent) being able to be simply the aunt. SO! My sister needed someone to watch her kids for her last week so she could go kid-free to a doctor appointment. I left my kids with my MIL, and I went and spent a really fun few hours with JUST my nieces and nephew! I don’t know about them, but I had a really fun time! When I got there they were still having their nap times, but that was quickly over and we played outside, played inside, had snack, took baths (them, not me) and had another snack of ice cream! Because I didn’t have to watch my own kids I was able to pay more attention to these 3 and really hear them and talk to them. There were several funny moments, and I thought I’d share them!

SOPHIA: We were having our first snack and Riley was confused how Uncle David was working, but yet he was there in the city. Finally, in exasperation, Sophia says (with her hands moving expressively), “Riley! You know Pastor Nick?” “Yeah…” “Well, that’s EXACTLY what Uncle David is–a PAAASTOR!” “Oh…” “Uncle David is a pastor, just like Pastor Nick, so he can work at his mom’s house and still be wooorkinggg!” Like, duh! This made me chuckle, and I think it did actually help Riley understand.

RILEY: Riley isn’t a huge talker, at least to me, but while I was there he talked my ear off! He told me all sorts of things from correcting me in the name of some of his toys to telling me what Haddie could/couldn’t do. When I gave him a bath I noticed he was covered in stripes of markers. I said, “Riley, we really need to get this off of you.” “Why?” “Well, because. I don’t think your mom would want you to be covered in marker.” “Oh.” “Why did you put stripes all over you anyway?” “Because! I wanted to be a TIGER!” 

HADDIE: Haddie talked to me more in those few hours then she EVER has! She babbled on and on to me. Most of what she said I didn’t understand because, you know, she’s two, and two-year-olds can be hard to understand! I put her hair up in a pony tail and she was most distraught. She kept putting her hand on top of her head saying, “Where my hair???? Where my hair???? Where my hair????” I finally had to move her hand so she could feel the pony tail. After she felt it she says, “Oh! There my hair!” As though she had thought I had shaved her bald or something. Apparently, after I left, my sister said she pouted saying, “I want go to Aunt Jeni and Uncle David house.” Warms my heart!

I never knew it would be possible to love other children almost as much as my own. And, really, I would do for my nieces and nephews as I do my own children, so I guess I do love them just as much! They’re so dear and special, and I love watching them and my kids play together and be so much more than cousins.

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