The Molly Saga, continued…

Our poor dog. Molly is 6 1/2 years old and we just can’t figure out what’s going on with her. She has licked herself raw on her rear end and also the insides of her thighs and belly. We’ve tried everything from antibiotics, a pill that’s supposed to help her be calm and over-the-counter stuff to help with the itching. Nothing is working. We’ve also changed her food to an hypoallergenic food because the vet thinks she’s allergic to the other stuff. Then, while in the big city last week she and my MIL’s dog were playing outside and her dew claw got stepped on or something. In any case, we ended up having to take her to a vet, they sedated her and pulled out the claw. I know she’s “just a dog” but she’s been with us since she was a puppy and we love her lots. We are praying that the Lord gives us wisdom to know how to help her. She’s clearly miserable and I wish we could get to the bottom of this! Below is a photo of another thing I tried–bandaging her legs to keep her from licking. I helped until the bandages came off.


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