Craziness, Chaos and Cousins!

Last week we had my nieces and nephew for a few days so my sister and brother-in-law could get some house stuff done without the kids around, and so the cousins could have some concentrated cousin-time! We had a good time!! It was CRAZY and CHAOTIC and at times I wondered what on earth was I thinking, but it was all good, and I think the kids had a good time too! 🙂 Here’re some photos of our few days together!

They played with G.I. Joes (or as Cora says, “E.I. Oes!”). The very ones that David played with as a kid!

We ate snacks–for some (Haddie) this is the only time she would eat!

Sophia, almost 8, was a huge help to me! She was a great help watching the little ones, was great with Ben, read stories to the kids, played so well and didn’t complain, even though I know she got bored sometimes!

We went and got ice cream–all the kids got dinosaur sprinkles and loved watching the train go around the track that’s suspended from the ceiling.

…and…we played G.I. Joes–Riley especially loved them!

We also took the kids to Chick-fil-a on an especially cold and rainy day in hopes that they would get some energy out in the play area. Apparently, all parents in the area had the same idea!

Mmmm…ice cream!

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