15 Months and Counting

Ben turned 15 months old last week, and I failed to mention it! Sigh…that’s what happens when you have a house full of kids! In any case, he’s 15 months (how did that happen?) and growing like a weed! He appears to be going through a growth spurt because we don’t seem able to keep enough food in him! He continues to love fruit of any kind, especially berries. He has recently decided that shrimp is tasty, as long as I don’t cut it up but give it to him whole! He is still not totally walking–he’s getting better, but I wouldn’t say he’s a “walker” yet! In due time, right? He’s also not saying any words. I’ve been somewhat worried about this, but the doctor tells me it’s totally normal especially when the boy has an older sister! HA! Ben does have an older sister who likes to talk for him! In any case, despite not using actual words, he sure lets us know what he does or doesn’t want! He LOVES to pray when we sit down to eat–Cora was the same way–and it just warms my heart! As soon as we sit down he holds out his hands to us. We have taken to praying multiple times during the meal again. He had his doctor appointment last week and here are his stats: 25 lbs., 10 oz., 32 1/2 in long! He’s in the 90th percentile for his age!

It’s best to eat your ice cream with two spoons!


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