13 Random Things About Me

–I have always wanted to be a super model. But, I’m too short and not anorexic!                      –I love chocolate!                                                                                                         –I hate it when people don’t go at least the speed limit.                                                 –I’ve always wanted to live on a farm, as long as we’re not too far from civilization!       –I get really excited when the food I put on the table is locally grown or from our           garden.                                                                                                                         –I don’t like feet. I hate people touching my feet and I hate touching other people’s feet!                                                                                                                             –I used to think I was only a cat person, but Molly has helped me see that dogs are good too!                                                                                                                           –I have never had any other favorite color but red. It’s always been red and it probably always will.                                                                                                                   –I don’t get into the old literary movies like “Sense and Sensibility.” Bleh. Boring!                –When I was little, living in Africa, I apparently rode and elephant. However, I have no memory of this and there is not pictorial evidence either!                                               –I really miss eating big, fluffy, biscuits with butter and honey dripping off them.           –I love falling asleep to the rain. However, I do not like thunder storms!                              –I’m sad to see summer leaving and the warm weather with it.


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