She’s a-comin’!

I have som exciting news! No, I’m not pregnant! (You know, there are other things that are exciting news!) ANYWAY! Since March we’ve been looking at houses, apartments, and retirement homes for my grandma. She has never lived near any of us and has finally decided to do so! AND! She’s bought a house at the end of our block!!!! That’s right, for the first time in my life my grandma won’t only be in the same STATE as me but just down the street!

Now, you might be wondering, why is she moving to where we live and not the city my parents live (although, they’re only 30 min away)? Well, when she was up visiting in March she came to our church and loved it. One of the obstacles to her moving has been not wanting to attend my parents’ church (which is quite contemporary). Our church is more traditional and more her speed with lots of people her age. Both of my folks work outside the home, and my sister is 2 hours away. Our small town just seems to be the most natural fit!

We will have a lot of changes in our family, not just the Hardins, but all of us! For the first time ever my sister and I will be able to see my grandma more than 1-2 times a year! We’ll get to spend holidays and just regular days with her. She will get to watch her soon-to-be 6 great grand kids (more on that tomorrow!) grow and will get to play with them. It’ll be so nice to have her here. She is our only living grandparent, and I know we’ve both missed having that presence in our lives! I know some of the changes will be hard on all of us, but I do believe this is God’s timing and will and he’ll see us through! In any case, we are VERY excited to have Grandma as our neighbor by the end of the month!

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