Some Thoughts

We had a crazy, busy week last week. David worked 8 straight days in a row (Sunday to Sunday) with extra meetings and church hoopla thrown in. He’s now sick. My in-laws have been visiting since Saturday. We’ve had a great time, were gifted a new couch by them and I can’t wait for it to get here. I bought some bread that I thought I would be able to eat, apparently not. 😦 Benjamin is now close to running and I love it! It’s been great not to have to carry him everywhere. Cora is really getting into play-doh these days, which I find great fun! I have found an increasing interest in India and that culture. Not sure why, but I’ve always found it interesting. I’m not liking the turn of weather. It’s COLD out there. I know, I know, so it’s “only” in the 40s, but nonetheless it’s getting cold and it’ll only get colder. We’ve found a new kind of food for the dog, which I hope and pray will be just what she needs. It appears to be grain-free and meat-filled and it’s not horribly priced. Ben appears to be teething. I HATE teething. I think it’s probably the worse part of raising kids. They’re in pain, there’s not much you can do to help them, it has to happen, there’s no stopping it and well, depending on the kid it can be really, really arduous! It’s Tuesday, the week has begun and it’s going to be just as crazy this week as it was last week. However, I’m going to try hard to find joy in the journey!


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