Fun with Friends

You know, there are some friends who just know how to make you feel loved, appreciated and part of their family while visiting. While David made his way WEST for his LAST doctrinal class, the kids, my mom and I headed EAST to visit friends. We had so much fun catching up, letting our kids get to know each other (her kids are 13, almost 12, 9 and 6), drank lots of tea and laughed a lot too! It was a relaxing, fun-filled week and I left feeling refreshed, loved and very blessed to have this friend (and her sister too!) for the past 24 years! Here are some of the highlights from the week!

We took the kids to the playground…

IMG_2196 IMG_2199 IMG_2209 IMG_2217


The kids spent hours playing with legos, getting into Aunt Heather’s oven mitts and the laundry hamper…

IMG_2228 IMG_2225 IMG_2251The older girls helped the younger girls do a fashion show (and joined in too)…

IMG_2250 IMG_2248 IMG_2242And, we were visited by princesses!




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