Trying a New Approach

There’s nothing like being at someone else’s house and seeing just what your kids ARE capable of! I told my friend last week that my kids don’t really eat breakfast, so don’t bother with anything special. Well, isn’t it just like kids to make you out to be a big, fat, hairy liar? Yep, every. single. morning. they ate breakfast! I couldn’t believe it. Normally, I’m lucky if I can get them to eat some dry cereal, but at Aunt Heather’s house they wanted cereal with milk, or toast, or even waffles!! Color me surprised, and it made me wonder, maybe I should be making a greater effort at home. They also survived without watching much TV. Being pregnancy sick I had gotten into the TERRIBLE habit of letting them watch way too much TV. And, wouldn’t you know, my kids didn’t shrivel up and die without their PBS morning marathon (although Cora thought she might the first couple mornings)?

When we got home I told David about it all, and we decided to start over, do things differently–do things the way we’ve been wanting to and were doing before. That’s right, no TV and we’re all eating breakfast together in the mornings. Can I tell you how great our week has gone?????? WOW!!!! We’re very particular about what our kids watch but still, they’re watching and not doing other things. David and I are mostly getting up before the kids (our kids get up early), showering and getting our day started without arguing, yelling and well, it’s just going so much better. Each day this week we’ve been amazed. I’m so thankful the Lord encouraged and convicted us to make a change. Our kids are happy, they’re productive, they’re playing with their bazillions of toys. David and I have also both been so productive this week! I’ve been getting us dug out of the “weeks of death” mess we were living under. I’m not moving fast, but it’s getting done and we’re all better off for it! Soon we’ll have another big load to take to Goodwill.

How are things working in your family? Do you find mornings to be one big rush-fest and wonder how can things be done differently? I would encourage you to take some time and reevaluate your morning routine, and see if there aren’t ways you can change. Not saying we’re perfect (we most certainly are NOT), or that we have it all figured out (because we DON’T), but I wanted to share with you our experience and maybe it’ll be an encouragement to you! I hope you have a great day today!

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