It’s Monday. I’m starting the day with about 3 hours of sleep. No one slept in our house last night. Not sure why, it’s one of those unanswerable questions we ask from time to time. David and I took turns going up and down the stairs to the kids’ room comforting, rocking, doling out Tylenol. The kids finally gave up at 3:30ish, maybe closer to 4, this morning which means that’s when we were finally able to get to sleep. Sigh…It could be a long day. I’m determined, though, not to be Grouchy Mommy today. I don’t know how well I’ll do, but I’m going to try. I’m going to keep busy with the things that need to get done and well, we’ll just get through the best we can today.

Do you have days like this? Or, nights like THAT? How do you cope best? How do you deal with your crabby kids, husband (Ok, so in all fairness, he’s tired but hasn’t been crabby this morning!) and self?

With all that said, I raise my mug of tea to you and say “BLEH” to this Monday and will hope for the best. All things are possible through Christ…


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