I Love…

I love…

…watching my kids play with each other. They have so much fun together and well, it’s so much fun to watch!

…that my husband loves snow so much and I hate it just as much!

…that I have a dishwasher. Oh, my kitchen would be such a wreck if I didn’t!

…chocolate cake and would LOVE to have a big ol’ slice of triple layer chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. But, alas, that would mean eating wheat, and that would be bad.

…how my son wants to walk around with his sister’s fairy wings on. My husband doesn’t love this so much, but I think it’s hilarious!

…how my daughter  wants to give her brother a kiss and hug every afternoon before he takes his nap and every night before they go to bed.

…that Cora loves to pray, and though it can be annoying, will pray with you (out loud) as you bless the food at mealtime.

…that Ben seems to know how to make car, plane, dinosaur and monsters sounds already, and he wasn’t taught that!

…how David will let me nap in the afternoon and take care of the kids so I can do so.

…how hard David works to provide for our family.

…how passionately David loves our church and the people in it, politics, sports, God and his family! Not necessarily in that order!

…that I have friends literally all over the world, and though I don’t see them but once every few/several years, and we don’t communicate regularly, I know if we got together today it would be as though no time had passed.

…that I’m no longer puking and seem to be doing so much better!

…the Lord and am overwhelmed at all the ways he has blessed me just today!

What do you love?


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