Random Bits

I don’t have an overly inspired blog to share today, but I feel I should write something! After my hiatus during being in the first trimester I realized I missed blogging and don’t want to do that again! We shall see…

My children give me constant reason for joy and frustration and laughter and tears and, and, and…I love them so much. I am so thankful how well they play together. Cora does such a good job of showing her brother how to do things and Ben is adorable as he blindly follows her around, wanting to do, be and wear everything she does (this includes her princess snow boots and fairy wings!). They are a hoot to watch, most of the time, and I’m thankful to the Lord for how much they truly love each other and show it to each other.


Cora is growing AGAIN! I swear she just went through a growth spurt! I was hoping to make to her birthday without buying her any new, larger clothes, but we may not! I’m noticing her shirts are getting too short and tight and her pants are doing the same. What are we feeding her to make her grow so much? She has lost all of her baby-ness and has thinned out and well, she’s just so beautiful! She is really catching on to the Bible stories she hears in Sunday school and then again at home. It’s so cool to hear her recognize a story and tell us about it! She’s smart as a whip, in my opinion…and can pretty much write all the letters of her name, which she just showed us one day. I can’t believe in 2 short months she is going to be FOUR!!!!! How did that happen???



It would appear there is some kind of suspicious activity going on at the house across from us. We keep seeing strange and random cars in and out all the time and this morning a cop drove by reaaaaaaaaal slow. Maybe this is normal in your neighborhood, but it’s not in ours. I pray for this family. They seem to struggle in many ways. I hope it’s nothing, but my gut tells me otherwise, unfortunately.

I can’t believe we’ve been dealing with temperatures in the teens and now today and tomorrow it’ll be near 60 and dropping again come Thursday. Winter can be such a strange season. I, of course, would prefer the temperature to never drop below 72, but we can’t all have our own way, can we?

This week we will hopefully find out if we’re having a boy or girl!!! My ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday. Cora is hoping for a boy (I know, right? But, seriously, she gets VERY upset if we say it could be a girl.). Anyway, if this little one isn’t shy and cooperates we will know and mystery solved! I’ll be sure to let all of YOU know too! I’m feeling the baby move a lot these days. It was just barely felt at night when I was in bed, but now I can feel him/her during the day. It’s helping me, it always does, brings to reality that there IS a baby in there and I’m not just getting fat in the midsection.

Annnnnnnd, well, I’ve run out of random bits to share. I hope you have a joy-filled day today!


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