Family Benefits

I have spoken a lot about how our new eating has affected and benefited me. I feel I have failed to mention the benefits we see in my husband and our kids, too. For YEARS my husband has had horrible asthma, especially bad in the winter. As a child, he’d have to get treatments, allergy shots, etc. As an adult it was hard for him to get through raking leaves, playing with kids outside, shoveling snow before his asthma would knock him down for the rest of the day.

This was, of course, concerning to me. I mean, no one likes to see their husband flat on the couch hardly breathing. I did a lot of reading and realized the household cleaners that are usually used can really aggravate asthma. This encouraged me to find alternatives to the harsh chemicals. I started with using the more “natural” cleaners but still I wasn’t convinced those were enough. When I heard about tea tree oil being used as a cleaner I knew this was for us!

The other, and probably biggest change, is the change of what we eat. We have learned that dairy and sugar, especially, promote inflammation and mucus in a person. Well, I should say milk as we drink it today. What we have found is those who drink raw milk (has not been pasteurize/homogenized) do not struggle with asthma. This would include our ancestors up to the early 1900s and the Amish today. However, unless you have your own milking cow you can not buy milk that has not been pasteurized/homogenized, it’s illegal. For some reason, those 2 processes affect the milk in such a way as to aggravate our lungs and breathing, etc. So, David and the kids have cut back significantly on how much milk and other dairy products (cheese and yogurt) they ingest (dairy is on my list of “no” foods). Since really cutting back on dairy David and the kids have hardly been sick at all. Cora used to get one sinus infection after another in the fall/winter and this fall/winter she’s had ZERO!! David has experienced the same thing. He’s hardly been sick this winter as well. Ben is also much improved from his episodes last winter. We truly believe it has to do with the lack of dairy we’re eating/drinking as a family. I’m starting to introduce almond milk and coconut milk as a “dairy” alternative to my baking and the kids are starting to enjoy drinking almond milk.

Another change has been the significant lowering of sugar we, as a family, eat. David has cut WAY back on the amount of pop he drinks (and no, he’s not replacing it with diet), I’m trying to use honey or maple syrup (real syrup not the fake stuff) as a sweetener in baking, and I’m not making the cakes/cookies/brownies/treats I used to. Sugar, again, causes inflammation, so why would we want to put this in our body? Inflammation in the lungs and nasal passages is what happens during asthma attacks and sinus infections. Who wants those? Not us!!! David’s asthma is basically non-exsistent!!! That’s right, he hardly ever (in fact, I can’t remember the last one) has an asthma attack. He’s been working on the same inhaler for over a year now (used to go through about 2 in a winter). If that’s not motivating then I don’t know what is!

Again, I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat. All I can do is share what we’ve tried and how it has helped our family. If you struggle with asthma and/or sinus infections then I encourage you to get rid of the dairy and the sugar. Seriously, what do you have to lose? Absolutely, nothing. And, you’ll lose weight too, which most of us want to do anyway!


One thought on “Family Benefits

  1. That’s exciting you’re all feeling better! I hear ya on the dairy, I used to get soooo many colds in a year….and I’ve only had 3 in the last 6 years….I’ve been pretty happy about that. You need to find a kind hobby farmer who would “rent” you a jar (with milk in it! :))…Tennille has a Jersey cow and that is the best thing going…Eve won’t even drink store bought milk…we’re waiting for the Jersey to birth so we can all enjoy her “fruits” again! 🙂

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