Drumroll please…

Yesterday I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. No, I have no idea if that’s the official name, it’s just the best way I know how to describe it. You know, the one where they look at the whole baby, organs, bones, etc to make sure all is OK? And, you can also find out the sex of the baby, too, which, we did! We’re having another GIRL!!!!! YEAH!!!! We’re really excited! We have never cared what sex we were having and since we already have a girl and boy we especially didn’t care! So, it’s a girl! Cora is excited, Ben is oblivious! This was the first of these ultrasounds that I was told I DIDN’T have to have a full bladder to make it work. Wow! What a difference!!!! So much more comfortable! Geesh! It’s always interesting to me how things are done differently everywhere. This will be the 3rd place I’ve had a baby and each place has done things slightly different. Anyway, all is well with our baby girl and she is growing and kicking and moving just fine! Oh, and most of the time she had her thumb in her mouth, or close to her mouth, so maybe she’ll be a thumb-sucker? We shall reveal her name when she’s born. For now you’ll just have to be satisfied that we’re having another girl!


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