A Little More Tweaking

I’ve been wondering for over a month now if rice and I are not getting along. It seems whenever I eat it I get a really bad belly ache and the usual grain-related after-affects. I’ve also figured out that dairy is doing more to me then just giving me indigestion. I’ve been cheating way too much with dairy and have been paying for it big time. End of last week I went back to my holistic doctor (first time since I was 7 weeks pregnant–yes, life just got away from me!). I felt it was necessary to get checked out and make sure I’m getting what I need right now during pregnancy. I asked him to test me on rice and sure enough, I tested bad for that. And, he noticed other things were going on and said, “Have I said no dairy before?” Yes, yes, you have…the areas of my body that were testing weak were mostly due to the dairy and then followed by the rice. Soooooo…I really need to crack down on myself and rid my body of the dairy!

We had our holistic doctor check out Cora as well. She’s been complaining for months of a tummy ache. We thought, at first, it was a stall tactic for going to bed. But, it has continued and so we decided to have him check her out. She did a fabulous job (of course, it helps that the holistic experience is not at all painful or invasive!) with the testing and was such a big girl! What did we find? Well, DAIRY and refined sugar are really affecting her. Boo. She’s our cheese and milk girl so this is going to be a hard transition. But, it would seem dairy gives a lot of issues to a lot of people, and it seems to run in the family (Ben is basically dairy free for the ways it affects him).

And so, we as a family continue to tweak the way in which we nourish ourselves. We are going to mostly eliminate dairy from our house (because if it’s not in the house we won’t be tempted to eat it), and I’m going to make a more concerted effort to put other forms of “milk” into our diet, such as almond or coconut. I’m also going to be baking/cooking more with honey, maple syrup (real syrup, not the flavored corn syrup) and unprocessed sugar (like, Raw Sugar). It will improve our family’s health, our children’s health and it’ll help our bodies function so much better. Does this seem radical to you? Well, maybe it is, however, we’re on a quest to improve our health for life. We want to treat our bodies with respect. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it. And so, we continue to tweak. It’s a process. It’s not something we’ve done all in one day. We’re tweaking our process, and we’re making changes as we learn them and as we find the need to do so. What small change can you make in your life TODAY?

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