Random Bits of News

My toe is improving. I have a really ugly bruise below my toes on the top of my foot, but I’m able to walk on my foot fully now. It gets sore if I’m on it too long (like grocery shopping) but otherwise, I do believe it’ll be ok! I may even lose the toenail…still not sure on that!

This family has a bad case of Cabin Fever!! Poor Cora. She so badly wants to be outside. It’s been FRIGID outside, snow flurries, rain, sleet, and who knows what else as far as the weather is concerned. Yesterday she wanted to blow bubbles outside. I’m not sure they would have worked. What do you think? I guess I should have let her try. I know I’M looking forward to warmer weather and getting outside and feeling the WARMTH of the sun on my face!

Cora is growing not only physically but intellectually as well! All of a sudden her recognition of letters and numbers is exploding! I’m amazed, because I don’t spend any amount of time teaching her these things. We point out letters and numbers sometimes, but it’s not like I make a point of doing any kind of preschool work with her during the day. While looking for a check-out lane at the grocery store this week she says, “Mom! #5 is open!” I looked up thinking she was just saying random numbers, but she was right! AND! She took us right to the lane–yes, I asked her to, as a test! She has known the letters of her name for quite some time. However, she’s all of a sudden knowing all sorts of other letters now. She amazes me in her ability to be a help for me now. We about have her trained to take her dishes to the kitchen when she’s done eating, she’s so good at saying “please” and “thank you,” and the way she helps and comforts her brother continues to melt my heart. She is a good kid. Sometimes I forget, in the hum drum of life, to focus on these good things. It’s good for me to do so. Oh, and she’ll be FOUR in 6 days!!!!! We’re celebrating her birthday on Saturday…more to come on that next week.

Benjamin continues to refuse to talk. Sigh…I know he’ll talk when he’s good and ready, but c’mon! We’re ready!! It’s getting wearisome to be grunted and groaned at. However, he does communicate. In fact, the little booger understands every single thing we tell him. He’s so stinkin’ smart! He knows how to take his clothes to the hamper, take things to the kitchen counter (which he is now barely able to reach), and he loves to throw stuff away–sometimes I have to go on rescue missions for things that should not be thrown out. He LOVES his sister so very much. He wants to do everything she does–including carrying around purses, wearing her bracelets and her princess winter boots. He’s so darn cute. He seems to know–already–that if he gives his cute, little smile then maybe, just maybe, that will get him out of what ever trouble he’s about to get into. I’m not entirely sure how he’s going to react to no longer being the baby of the family, but there’s not a whole lot of choice in the matter! We’re going to have to transition him to a big boy bed soon too…do they come with straps to keep said child in the bed? We might need those! Just kidding…no need to call the authorities!

David is working so hard on his thesis proposal right now. That’s right, he has to write a 1-20 page paper simply proposing what he wants to do his thesis on. Once this is done, and approved by the powers that be, then he can begin his research and writing of the REAL thesis! We both think the actual thesis will be easier to write then this proposal! I’m so proud of him. He’s having to put a lot of extra time into this, and I know it’s an added stress. However, we’re keeping our eye on the goal and know this is a lifelong dream of his–to have a doctorate–and something that God has allowed to happen at this time. We’ll be so glad when it’s all done (goal of June 2014!!!), and we’ll have us a big ol’ party!

We got the kids’ room painted and the office–which will become the nursery. We still have things to do, like paint our room, get new curtains for our room, new carpet for our room/hallway/nursery, replace the kitchen floor and paint the kitchen. However, one project at a time. It’ll get done and really, if it doesn’t, it’s not that big of a deal, right?

I’m moving right along with this pregnancy! 26 1/2 weeks now!!!!! It’s so crazy to think that soon (probably before we’re “ready”) we’ll be able to SEE our new little Miss! I’m getting so excited! I was looking at newborn photos of Cora and Ben the other day and it made me so excited to SEE and HOLD this little one still inside. It’s always such a precious thing to hold your baby for the first time…

I hope you have a very great and wonderful Thursday! Blessings to you and your family!


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