Happy Birthday, Cora!

Today is Cora’s 4th birthday! I can not believe she’s 4, I have no idea where the last 4 years have gone, and I certainly don’t know how it is that we have a 4 year old! What a wonderful time we’ve had with our 4 year old! Yes, we’ve had challenges, ups and downs, but really, Cora is such a joy! She is a wonderful older sister to Benjamin (and I know will be with her baby sister too!) , a good friend to her friends and cousins, and such fun to be around!

This next year will be a huge year of change for her. She will gain a baby sister–I know she’s up for that challenge. She’s so good with Ben and so loving towards him, I’m sure we only have to fear her OVER-loving her sister! We are also enrolling her into preschool in the fall. This is probably a bigger deal to me, but I can’t believe she’s old enough. However, she is, and I do believe it’s time. We have a feeling she will only thrive in the academic environment and well, I’m excited that she’ll have a “big girl” thing that is only for her to do! Who knows what else the Lord has in store for her this next year?

We continue to pray for her as she learns and grows in her knowledge of the Lord and his love. She has such a tender heart. She is becoming more and more brave with praying at meal time and now at bedtime. She gets so excited when her prayer is done and says, “Mommy! I DID it!!!” Yes, you did, sweetheart! I know it makes Jesus smile to hear little ones pray to him. After we read our nightly Bible story she asks questions, often hard ones. “What does ‘believe’ mean?” “How does Jesus help me?” “Why did Jesus die?” “What does ‘baptize’ mean?” It’s so fun to hear these things connecting in her head, and I pray she comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus soon.

We love you, Cora Ann, and are so proud and THANKFUL to have you in our family!!!! Happy 4th Birthday dear, sweet girl!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cora!

  1. Happy Birthday, Cora. Thank you Jeni for sharing these wonderful tidbits with us. She is adorable and will be filled with questions once she starts ‘school’ in the Fall. May God continually bless you and David and your beautiful children.
    Debbie Lapole

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