Birthday Extravaganza!

Yesterday was Cora’s 4th birthday, as you all know from reading my blog yesterday! Though we had her party on Saturday, (which, she was a bit distraught that we weren’t having ANOTHER party yesterday) I still wanted to make her day special. Growing up, birthdays were always a big deal in my house. They included a small gift at breakfast (just to wet the appetite) and then dinner and cake of your choice! Mom always pulled out the good dishes (Stoneware!!) and we’d have a great time! We were encouraged to have friends over and well, birthdays were always fun at our house! It’s something I’ve wanted to pass on to our kids. This year is the first birthday that I Cora finally “gets” what’s going on. She woke up early yesterday, and when I came out to greet her I said, “What is today?” She says, jumping up and down, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!” šŸ™‚ She was so excited she wanted to get dressed right away in one of her new outfits she received on Saturday and had chosen for her big day.

We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch…


Had tacos for supper (probably her current favorite meal)…


I baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles (of course).


We also invited 3 of her friends (who are sisters) to join in the cake-eating, as well as Great Grandma.


I think she should feel sufficiently celebrated and LOVED! Now we have a four year old in the house! Look out!



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