The Flowering Cross

When we first moved to our current church a man in the church approached David about putting up a plain cross for the Good Friday service. The cross was meant to be plain with no decoration. On Easter Sunday the cross was then meant to be adorned with greenery and flowers. David thought it was a neat idea, and so since we’ve been here it has become a tradition to see the plain, stark cross for the Good Friday service and then the flowering cross on Easter Sunday. The man and his wife provide fresh flowers, and as everyone comes in for service on Easter Sunday they choose a flower, take it to the cross, add it to the greenery and go sit down in their seats. It’s so beautiful! I have really enjoyed this new tradition. There’s speculation as to when this tradition started in The Church as a whole, but I’m not able to find anything concrete. What I have found is some churches do the plain cross for all of Lent, and then the flowering cross for Easter. In any case, it’s really pretty. I find it brings focus to the fact that Christ is no longer on that cross and offers us eternal life if we choose to accept it and follow him. What are some traditions your church does to keep the focus on The Cross and what Christ did for us there?



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