Being Four

Yesterday we took Cora to her 4 year old physical. She did pretty well! She weighs 43 lbs and is 42 inches tall! She’s in the 90th percentile for both. She sat still this year for her blood pressure (or “hug on her arm” as the nurse calmly put it–HA!), and asked why did she have to take her clothes off? Yes, we all wonder that when we go to the doctor, don’t we? It was then time for the doctor to come in– a woman we LOVE and have come to respect and trust greatly in the 3 years we’ve been going to her. She has 5 children of her own, is very laid back, trusts our instincts and is concerned when we are. ANYWAY! Cora loves her, wants to “be a doctor like Dr. Wilbur” and talks about her all the time…until we’re there at the office…when she NEEDS to talk and answer. Sigh…The dr. was asking Cora all sorts of questions, wanted her to stand on 1 foot, then the other, walk on a “tight rope,” etc. Would she do any of it? Of course not. Then, the dr. asked if we wanted to do the standard eye and ear test, or wait. I said, “why not?” Should’ve just waited. Apparently, we have a deaf, mute child who can’t see or do anything at all–basically a vegetable! Brother. It was a horribly frustrating appointment, but she got a healthy report nonetheless, oh and 3 shots! She’s now had all of her vaccines and won’t need any until she’s 11! Yeeeehaw!! Cora’s 4, and she’s a hoot. She certainly keeps us on our toes and is so stinkin’ smart! I’m glad she’ll be starting preschool in the fall because I think she needs the mental stimulation and needs someone other than me to give it to her! I sure love my four year old! I’m excited to see how this year goes.



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