Pure and Utter Frustration

I was so excited to see a flour at our local grocery store that I could eat, or so I thought I could! It consists of NO grains, or soy, and it’s even dairy free. Seemed like a good idea. And, the price was good so we got 2-2 lb bags, and I was so excited thinking of all the things I could eat now! Of course, the first thing I did was make pancakes! They were so delicious! I had them earlier last week. Didn’t notice much of a reaction so I thought I was home-free. I made them again later in the week and felt pretty terrible that day. Ate the rest of the pancakes the following morning and felt even worse. I do believe there’s something in the flour affecting me. I have also learned that Bob’s Red Mill cross-contaminates (meaning, they don’t  use different machines for gluten/gluten-free stuff), so that could very well be the issue too. The package may say “wheat/gluten/dairy free” but if they don’t use different machines, and who knows how well those machines are cleaned, I could very well be getting wheat dust anyway. I’m really frustrated. However, it just shows me AGAIN, that I can’t cheat. Eating fruit, veggies and meat really does seem to be the only way for me to eat and not get sick afterward. I guess I’ll save these other flours for very special occasions, but it’s obvious this stuff can not be part of my normal diet.

Oh, you might be wondering what clued me in to the flour being the culprit? Well, other than it being the only new introduction into my diet, my stomach felt HORRIBLE, I thought I was going to throw up, I was in a fog, felt like I couldn’t function, had a headache, my nose was all plugged up, I was very irritable. Yeah, it’s not fun. So, I shall give my body several weeks to get all this out of my system and try again and see what happens. If I react the same then we know there’s something in the flour–I’m wondering also if it’s the tapioca or potato starches? Time will tell. Until then, I’m very frustrated!


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