Random Bits of Stuff

We had a good weekend, did you? After traveling for the past 2 weekends, 2 funerals, and then all the Easter stuff before that, it was so nice to have a low-key, non-traveling, non-holiday weekend. We did stuff, but kept it small. We got the kids new shoes (thanks to their great aunt and grandma!), which they badly needed–unfortunately, we unknowingly had Ben in tennis shoes 1 1/2 sizes too small!!! Poor kid! We, as in my dad and husband, painted our bedroom! It looks so nice!!! I’ll do photos later after I get our new curtains hung, and the new carpet gets laid–which we still have to order! No sense in doing multiple posts about our bedrooms. I’ll spare you all of that and just do it in ONE post! We were also able to meet with our small group, which consists of 3 other families all in full-time ministry, too. We are a group of 4 families–8 adults and 12 kids, with 2 on the way! Yep, it can get nutty, but we always have a great time and find much encouragement and refreshment in spending time together.

My before-the-baby-comes list is getting completed little by little. We were able to purchase a really nice, all wood, sturdy dresser off craigslist for the baby. It’s the only dresser we’ve had to buy for our 3 kids, and it wasn’t expensive, so we feel blessed about that! We, as in David, still need to get a second coat of paint on the nursery walls, and then I can start organizing the room. We’re also planning to replace the carpet in our room/hallway/nursery (they all kinda go together in a line) this month. We need to get Ben a “big boy” bed (which my family is getting for us as a baby gift…I know, a little round-about, but it makes sense to us!). I want to try to get him through this change before the baby comes. We shall see! I’m still on the hunt for a cute quilt or bedspread for him that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. Geesh–it’s ridiculous how expensive that stuff is! I can’t believe I’ll be 31 weeks tomorrow!!!! Not much longer!

We’re hoping life at church slows down a bit now. David performed funerals #19 and #20 last week (yes, he’s done 20 funerals in the last 2 1/2 yrs!!!) and well, that adds a lot of extra time. David will start doing more research again on his thesis. Thankfully, he has the proposal done and turned in, but the work is never done. He has a great schedule set for himself to stay on task. I’ll be glad when we’re through all this. It hasn’t been horrible, but it’ll still be nice to have it done and behind us!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful a week this week! Don’t forget to find the blessings of the Lord and praise him even for the seemingly little things!


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