Is it Taking Over?

We were notified on Sunday that another lady has passed away from our church. Though she’s in heaven and no longer suffering, her loss is felt. This makes 22 members of our church who have died since we came to serve at this church 2 1/2 years ago. It would be an understatement to say this is really taking a toll on the church as a whole and David as well. How do you deal with so much death? It doesn’t matter that most of those who have passed have been elderly, their loss is just as hard and important. In 2 1/2 years we have lost 1/3 of our congregation just to death. It’s a hard reality to swallow. It doesn’t make sense, and I have been struggling with how to wrap my brain around all of this. My initial response is to feel the sadness for my husband as he has to prepare another memorial/funeral service. He has to minister to the family and help them through this time of need and uncertainty. I am then struck with the sadness the family and church family are feeling. They knew these people far better than we ever did. If our sorrow is great I can’t imagine what theirs is like.

It would seem death is taking over. It would seem God is working unjustly here. How much death can one group of people take? I sure hope no more for a long time!!! There is a sense of depression, sadness, and dread over the church, and I would say rightfully so. It seems death is taking us by storm and not leaving many alive in its wake. Why so much death? Why these people? Why this group? I don’t know. I don’t have answers. I don’t understand.

What I do know is we hate it when the phone rings anymore and see a church member’s number listed. David doesn’t want to answer for fear another of the flock has passed on. What I also know is God is in control. Though we don’t understand what’s going on right now, He’s still God, He’s still in control and He’s still good. I suppose we’re not meant to understand at this time. We just need to trust him–and yes, so much easier said then done!

If you think about it, pray for our church. Pray for the MANY grieving families we have in our midst. We have many widows right now, many families missing moms, dads, sisters, brothers. And for the others, their friends. Pray for David as he ministers to the congregation that is left and does his best to help them through this time. And, pray that God will be glorified and that through our non-understanding we’ll remember that God is still God, God is still in control, and God is still good.


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